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Pizza Business NEWS

Pizza Business 1.0-beta9 has been released!
-- Posted by tsarkon on Friday, June 6 2003

So, finally, the 1.0-beta9 version is released, but no one contacted me about fixing the glitch (although I know it is on a short notice) so this version contains the interface bug. On the brighter side, save/load functionality should be fully working now.

Pizza Business 1.0-beta9 Released
-- Posted by ares32585 on Friday, June 6 2003

This release is mainly a bug fix release: numerous bugs relating to saving and loading games have been fixed. In general, the stability of the saving and loading of games has been substantially increased. Download this new version via the links to the left or via the sourceforge project page. Also, don't forget to share your comments with us in the forum.

Delayed release
-- Posted by tsarkon on Sunday, June 1 2003

Because of buggy interface code, there will be a delay in the file release. We are not sure how to fix this problem.
If you want to try out the code anyway you can use cvs to grab it and if you are competent enough to fix it, please fix it and send me a patch.
If you are interested in trying to solve the problem, e-mail me (tsarkon at users dot sourceforge dot net)
and I'll send you the details. Thanks for your patience.

Beta 9 is on the Way
-- Posted by ares32585 on Thursday, May 22 2003

A new version of Pizza Business is almost ready to be released. What's new in this release? Mostly bugfixes. There were several serious bugs in the save/load system that basically made the save/load functionality in the game useless. With the fixes that will be part of this release, I hope to have fixed all, or at least most, of the problems with saving and loading games. Look for a release in the next week or so...

The forums are now powered by phpBB
-- Posted by ares32585 on Sunday, May 11 2003

We have replaced the forums powered by yaBB with forums powered by phpBB ( There are two main reasons for this switch: phpBB provides us with more flexibility, more options, more customizability and more cool features. Also, phpBB, since it uses a database to store information, is faster, and can scale better with more users. So please register and start some discussions in the new forums!

Pizza Business 1.0-beta8 Linux binary release
-- Posted by tsarkon on Friday, March 14 2003

I forgot to add the graphics with this package. Well, technically, they were there: in the src.tar.bz2 file. But that was not my intention. I have however corrected this. If you don't want to mess with things, just delete the files and download the same tar.bz2 file again, because now everything is correct. Update: apparently there were corruption problems *sigh*. This has been fixed. I'm sorry for the inconvenience and any unnecessary strange behaviour this could have caused.

Pizza Business 1.0-beta8
-- Posted by ares32585 on Thursday, March 13 2003

Pizza Business 1.0-beta 8 has been released. New in this version:

Please give us some feedback in our new, easier-to-use, and nicer-looking forums!

Update: The Windows binary is now available.

Work behind the scenes
-- Posted by tsarkon on Thursday, February 27 2003

1.0-beta8 will show up eventually, don't worry. We have made several changes to the code, but it won't be released just yet. There are still things to be done before it's ready to be released. If you have any questions, I recommend you take a look at the YABB forum and post any of your concerns there. Thanks.

New Pizza Business Forum
-- Posted by ares32585 on Thursday, February 13 2003

Thanks to the YaBB forum software available at, we now have a brand new forum. Hopefully you will find these forums more friendly and inviting than the bare-bones forums available at sourceforge. You can get to these forums through the forums link to the left. Please come visit the forums and let us know what you think about the game!

Pizza Business 1.0-beta7 Released
-- Posted by ares32585 on Friday, February 7 2003

New in this version are: a pie chart and line graph added to the stats dialog; fairly comprehensive saving/loading game functionality added; the source code is now compatible with wxWindows 2.4. Also, a statically linked linux exectuable is available for this release, rather than the dynamically linked one available for previous releases. This means you don't have to have any libraries installed to run the game on Linux. Make sure to let us know what you think.

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