Week of September 8, 2002

Pizza Business 1.0-beta2 has been released!
-- Posted by tsarkon on Monday, September 9 2002

Johnny (bigj_sal) has implemented support for OGG Vorbis music. Many thanks to your work, Johnny! Greatly appreciated!
You can expect updates of this site in a week from now, probably. Maybe more, maybe less. I have also tried to port the win32 sources to Winelib. I am almost there now, but I got stuck on a compiler generated error: a MessageBox() is called and reports bogus errors. If someone "out there" reads this, happening to be an expert concerning Winelib porting, please send me an e-mail ( tsarkon@users.sourceforge.net ) , subject: "Winelib porting (help needed)". Thanks.

Guestbook added!
-- Posted by tsarkon on Sunday, September 8 2002

Use the new guestbook to give us feedback!
This is essential for us. Without feedback, this project will not meet your needs, and that will result in something you don't want to use, riiight?