Week of June 30, 2002

Simulation news...
-- Posted by ares32585 on Saturday, July 6 2002

Yes, the game is still without it's simulation portion - as anyone who's downloaded the game will notice - but work is coming along with it. I would say that about 60% of the pieces needed for the simulation to function are in place as of today. That still leaves quite a bit of work to do, but I intend to have a rough simulation in place as of the next Pizza Business release. I'll be sure to keep everyone appraised of my situation.

Qt 3 Design work
-- Posted by tsarkon on Saturday, July 6 2002

Today I transferred Johnny's ideas of the GUI and layout, to a Qt style widget and a dialog window. It looks kind of nice, but it's still very stale. Screenshots of these creations will be available on this site very soon, so keep your eyes open, for "hyped screens" of the upcoming Pizza Business GUI ...

Ranking: 165. Freshmeat URL-hits: 2196
-- Posted by tsarkon on Thursday, July 4 2002

This project is ranked as number 165 in activity (more than 98%) and will probably increase. This number is from last week, according to Sourceforge. The ranking often increases just the day before a release of updated project files, which is kind of natural, if you come to think about it. And of course: if more people join the project, the number will increase, step by step. Today, we are a total of 3 programmers on this one. So, let's hope for even more volunteers to join us.
We are not only in need of experienced programmers, but also testpilots and people using alternative operating systems. If you are one of those who use some BSD copy or even BeOS, for instance, then feel extra free to contact me and sign up as porter to the platform in question.

0.97 has gained popularity
-- Posted by tsarkon on Tuesday, July 2 2002

The number of downloads is increasing, gradually.
We thank you for your curiosity and all you modem users out there, patient enough to download those 410 KB. Have fun, folks!

Problem running 0.97?
-- Posted by bigj_sal on Tuesday, July 2 2002

We understand that upon the completion of the installation of Pizza-Business 0.97 there is a slight problem in the initialization of the game executable. The problem is that the game must be started from within the game's directory, which apparently is not done when running the game from the installation program or the Start Menu. The solution is to fill in the "Start in" field in the file properties dialog for the shortcut in the Start Menu.

Version .97 of Pizza Business released Today
-- Posted by ares32585 on Tuesday, July 2 2002

Version .97 of Pizza Business was just released. New additions include implementation of the hiring and firing of employees, the buying/selling of ingredients, and other changes. Consult the changelog for further details. The source code, as well as Linux and Windows binaries, can be downloaded from the sourceforge website:
Pizza Business at Sourceforge

Please note that is an alpha/beta version of the game and, as such, certain options (including the simulation) are not implemented at this time. We appreciate any feedback, which you can give at the sourceforge website in the discussion forums. Please report any bugs/problems that you find.

-- Posted by ares32585 on Monday, July 1 2002

This is a test news posting.