Week of November 3, 2002

New GTK+ Pizza Business screenshots
-- Posted by ares32585 on Sunday, November 3 2002

Earlier today we were able to get Pizza Business to work under the GTK+ port of wxWindows, and while there's still a good deal of work to be done on the wxWindows version of the game for it to be equivalent to the current Win32 version, I thought that I'd share some screenshots with you of the Pizza Business running using GTK+. Take a look here

Pizza Business 1.0-beta4 coming soon
-- Posted by ares32585 on Sunday, November 3 2002

It has been over a month since the last release of Pizza Business. The reason for the large gap in time between the releases is that we decided to "port" the Pizza Business GUI code to the wxWindows cross-platform GUI library. Because of this decision, we have to rewrite pretty much the entire GUI. However, we are making progress, and there should be a new release relatively soon which will be the wxWindows release.

What does using wxWindows mean for you, the user? Well, it means that we will be able to provide native GUIs for multiple platforms. One set of code will be able to run on Windows (using the Win32API port of wxWindows), on Linux (using the GTK+ port of wxWindows), and maybe even on Mac (using the Mac port of wxWindows). This means that we will be able to provide Linux and Windows users with the same user interface, using platform-native GUI code.

On a related note, we are looking for a couple Linux users who would be willing to be testers for the GTK+ wxWindows version of Pizza Business. If you're interested send me, or tsarkon an email. We'd really appreciate your assistance.