Week of July 28, 2002

Coding halted for a few days...
-- Posted by ares32585 on Friday, August 2 2002

Just letting everyone know that we won't be doing any coding on Pizza Business for a few days. Instead, what we're going to (and have done partly so far) do is work on creating a game design document and technical design document for Pizza Business. The reason for this is that we've gotten to a point with Pizza Business where we need to start laying out exactly what we need to do. We want to know the final result that we're coding for, and we also need some more organization on the coding side of things. The game design document and the technical design document will provide these things. Time we spend working on these documents will probably prove to be less time spent further on into the development of Pizza Business. Just a heads up to let you know that we haven't quit or anything ;)

Confusion about the GUI release date
-- Posted by tsarkon on Wednesday, July 31 2002

We have discussed the GUI for a fairly long time now, and quite frequently. It looks right now, that it will be once more delayed. It's very hard to predict when all this will be available to regular people. I apologize for the confusion, if there is any such. We will post screenshots of what we are planning. Consider it as hype, though, just like any company sometimes let people sneakpeak at their ideas, from time to time. However .. if you are interested in the progress of the GUI, you can always checkout the anonymous CVS at the sourceforge project page. It's there for you to fetch at any time you want. But this code ain't working 100% correctly yet. Just keep that in mind!

Unstable branch <-> stable branch?
-- Posted by tsarkon on Wednesday, July 31 2002

We have decided to from now on, release incomplete code (unstable) in parallel to complete code (stable). If you are a regular End User, I would recommend you to stick to stable releases. Unstable code is to be considered as buggy, and maybe even not able to compile correctly on your system. So therefore, the unstable branch is meant for developers who want to contribute with their solutions to problems that gets encountered. Why do this, then? Well, there are a couple of reasons. But the MAIN reason is, to let people experiment, try things out, show the progress, try it out again, experiment some more, and so on. When this buggy code suddenly becomes stable, an updated version of the stable branch, will be hatched as a result. Then, the development proceeds, and a stable release will hatch after a while once more. We also want to give the world an easier way of following the progress of this project.