Week of August 25, 2002

Pizza Business 1.0-beta1 released
-- Posted by ares32585 on Saturday, August 31 2002

With this release, the Win32 GUI version has "caught up" with the console version: all features that were in the console version have been implemented in this version - thanks in large part to the diligent coding of Johnny Salazar (bigj_sal). Note: the Windows binary should run on Linux using WINE, but we make no promises. Despite the fact that this release is currently listed under the unstable branch, it is considered STABLE. There are not any problems that we are aware of with the game; most, if not all bugs, should be nonexistant. Enjoy, and please let us now what you think by email or the discussion forums on the sourceforge website.

Please also note that two mailing lists pertaining to Pizza Business have been created. If you're at all interested in the game, feel free to join those lists.

0.99.3 (unstable) released!
-- Posted by tsarkon on Monday, August 26 2002

Have you noticed how the Win32 GUI just gets better and better for every week? That's because Johnny is working hard on the details for the game. Dan is also coding, although I have a hunch you haven't noticed it. If you wonder why you don't see any progress of his work yet .. well, that's because he takes care of things here "beneath the surface" which isn't activated yet, and will not be until the work is complete! In the meantime, try out this release, which happens to be very functional with the console's simulation engine activated. There are still important details missing, though. For instance, you don't see your budget and there is no obvious indication of a new day taking place, when pressing the "End Turn" button (but if you check the debug.txt file, you will notice that this actually does take place).