Week of February 2, 2003

Pizza Business Status Report
-- Posted by ares32585 on Sunday, February 2 2003

We have already begun work on Pizza Business 1.0-beta7. In fact, I have just finished coding the long-delayed updated statistics dialog. In the next version of the game, there should be a pie chart that shows total expenditures for your restaurant broken down into categories (ingredients, advertisements, tables, chairs, ovens), as well as a line graph that shows the money earned from pizza sales each day over the past seven days.
Johnny has also made good progress on implementing a saving/loading system for the game which should be in beta7.

Where do we go after beta7? Well, once we have all the features implemented that we want to have implemented, we will go into a "release candidate," bug-hunting phase. We'll release a "release candidate," and then test and find out what can be improved and what bugs need to be fixed. This cycle will then continue until we can no longer find any more bugs. It will be essential during this phase to send us any bugs (or even things that you're not sure if they are bugs), so we can make sure that the 1.0 release is as bug-free as possible.