Week of January 19, 2003

New "Development Journal" Added
-- Posted by ares32585 on Saturday, January 25 2003

A new Pizza Business "Development Journal" has been added to the website. In this "journal," you will be able to find various articles (both general and detailed) on various aspects of the game system itself as well as the development of the game. Articles will not be released on a schedule, nor will the topics of the articles be specified; a developer will write about whatever he wants to write about at that particular time. An article will be added whenever a member of the development team feels like it. To celebrate the creation of this new section on the website, I have written an article entitled "A Look Inside the Turn-based Pizza Business Simulation." Make sure to check the article out, and let us know what you think!

Pizza Business 1.0-beta6 Released
-- Posted by ares32585 on Monday, January 20 2003

A new version of Pizza Business has been released. What's new in this release? There's a new contract management system available in the buy/sell dialog if you have a manager hired at the restaurant. Also there are new ingredients, tables and recipes available in the buy/sell section.