Week of August 18, 2002

We're still chuggin'
-- Posted by bigj_sal on Friday, August 23 2002

Things are coming together again as it once appeared with our console version of the game a month or so ago. So far we have most of the features implemented in the graphical version that were functioning in the console version. But, we are still very far from complete.

Perhaps you have already downloaded an unstable package of the game? Did you successfully compile and run the game? Then, did you notice all the neat graphics? Well, of course not! That is what the games needs. And we need someone to help us make those really cool graphics. If you think you have what it takes and if you are interested, contact our project leader, Tsarkon, and tell him Johnny sent you!

Pizza Business 0.99.2 (unstable)
-- Posted by tsarkon on Sunday, August 18 2002

New GUI release! This release works perfectly with hiring and firing staff. Try it out! The code will improve, of course. Next week, this will be even better. If you are eager to try it out before next week, then use CVS code.