Week of July 14, 2002

Now we have a game!
-- Posted by bigj_sal on Thursday, July 18 2002

Well, all looks well so far. The pieces are falling in place, and the game looks promising. We are right on schedule and if no ugly bugs arise, then alpha version 0.98 is set for release on Sunday, July 21, 2002. Altough we are still supporting the console interface in the next release, a graphical overhaul of the interface is being planned. Stay tuned for more information.

Pizza Business simulation progress...
-- Posted by ares32585 on Tuesday, July 16 2002

The simulation is still on track to be operational in the next release of Pizza Business. I have almost completed the framework for the simulation - customers and employees are simulated. I still need to complete some code for tracking statistics, as well as for tracking the restaurant's popularity rating. I have also pretty much finished implementing a logging system for the simulation. Using the logging system, I, and the rest of the developers, should be able to root out any major bugs in the simulation in time for the next release of Pizza Business within a week.