Week of August 11, 2002

Screenshots of the GUI
-- Posted by tsarkon on Saturday, August 17 2002

A screenshot section has been added, just like promised a while ago! (These are actual screenshots from the game, not hype).

Pizza Business and the GUI...
-- Posted by ares32585 on Tuesday, August 13 2002

Coding has begun in earnest on the Pizza Business GUI for Win32, thanks to bigj_sal. I can say for sure that, judging from what I've seen, I'm very excited about the GUI. It will definitely provide a better way of playing the game, because the console can become rather cludgy.

Also, I have been working through some different possibilities for making the simulation more complex (and, therefore making the game seem more fun and real), and I've come up with a system that I think will add some depth. The plus side of it is that it won't require any really major code changes - just a couple new objects, and some more detailed equations relating to probabilites and statistics. Lastly, while we have not begun working on a GUI for Linux, there are still plans to make one. So, all you Linux users, there's no need to worry - we haven't forgotten you.

Pizza Business 0.99.1 (unstable) released!
-- Posted by tsarkon on Monday, August 12 2002

Finally! Here it is! Enjoy. Only source code this time, but we're talking source code for the win32 GUI, also, that we have started to make. Take a look, and compile it if you're able to. Send in bugs if you see any of those.

Delayed release of 0.99.1 (unstable)
-- Posted by tsarkon on Sunday, August 11 2002

I have just installed new software tools for development, and I am ready to contribute with some stuff. Instead of releasing a not-so-much-new-code release today, I will wait a day or two, fix the stuff that will be attached, and then I will make this release look good from all angles I can possibly think of. Have patience, folks! Please.