The Endless Quest of the Fulfillment of a Dream

Feb 13, 2003
Author: Johnny

We are a people of imagery. Pictures of representative objects stimulate not only our eyes; but most importantly, they are creations of magic through the thoughtless conscience of the mind. From my short experience in life, I have learned that appearance is one of the most frequent reasons of discrimination. If you have a spectacular appearance, you are without a doubt granted a lead in any competition. In a world where the suit makes the man and the makeup beautifies the women, those without the proper appearance stand no chance. Is it so in the competitive industry of computer games? It is true in my mind. How do I know? Well, I discriminate by my judgment of the graphical appearance of each title. Honestly, I have never seen a computer game on the shelves of stores that have been developed by very small teams and little funding. Instead, I see titles like Quake III, Civilization III, and SimCity 4000. Each of these titles share one distinct characteristic: eye candy. How successful would these games be if their beautiful graphical front ends were ripped from the rest of the game? I would say not very successful. For instance, each one of these titles has been replicated to a degree, but is far from parallel in the graphics department. Thus, because of its graphical superiority in the genre, those games are successful. Hence, the graphics will either make or break the success of a computer game regardless of its genre.

Anywho, these are my thoughts. They fuel my endless search to bring a computer graphics artist onto the project. I find it essential to have an artist of tremendous skill to take our game to the next level. Until that day comes, my dream is unfulfilled.